Shaping your body back to the toned one and losing weight is not as easy as it looks. Weight loss can be a daunting task as it involves trained workouts with tight schedule and following diet plan that is far away from your choice of foods. For weight loss program that we offer at Diyu’s Fitness Point, we guideline the program not only to lose weight but also tightening muscle and skin which means shaper body without loss of energy and endurance. There are multiple options to start with the weight loos program at Gym and most preferred and followed is the cardio exercise. However, only cardio weight loss will make your body like a bin bag with loose muscle and wrinkled skin. So what needs to be followed is the weight training in your gym routing for faster and better toned shape with weight loss.

At Diyu’s Fitness Point as best gym in Ahmedabad what we precisely suggest is to have a gym workout schedule that is well divided into hours and days for each week. Ideally it needs to be six days a week with daily sessions of at least one to one and half hour of defined training under the instructor’s watch. This will allow total body workout that includes every important muscle of the body to workout equally. It will allow to burn right amount of calories that needed for individual for fat loss and muscle gain. For the cardio, we at best gym in Ahmedabad suggest to have 30 to 80 minutes of vigorous sessions each week followed by weight programs.

Interval training with cardio is considered to be the best for weight loss program. Doing cardio exercise under experienced trainer in regular intervals not only help you get result faster but also keep your fat burning even after you finish your session. It involves resting between all-out bursts of maximum workout and pulling it slightly longer than your earlier session. After a heavy workout the maximum time for rest should be of 2 minutes and then back to work out into steady speed for another 5 to 10 minutes. Repeat this protocol for another 3 to 4 sets. The benefit of interval training is that you can use multiple cardio instruments and can try different levels in every session.

The professional approach that we follow at the Diyu’s Fitness Point is to have multiple exercise that hits all sets of muscle. Workouts such as squats, lunges, deadlifts, pushups and benches should make up the majority of schedules. We also suggest dividing overall workout into lower body and upper body workout depending on individual requirements.

While providing services as best gym in Ahmedabad we also consider diet as a major factor for weight loss program. You won’t be able to lose your weight firmly and quickly if your food pattern is loaded with extra calories. You need to start getting rid the junk food and colas from your intake. Try to have unprocessed and natural product as much as possible such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Also aim properly for your weight loss program.