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Lose extra weight and get back into shape with our 12 week workout challenge.

There are any people in Ahmedabad that we found visiting our gym everyday with result of failure by working out in normal gym. We suggest them the great reason to smile and get back to their fitter shape in 12 weeks.

There are so many unequipped fitness centers and gym in Ahmedabad that are looking to get a pie of people who are looking to lose their weight. And this makes difficult for people to decide which one to choose from the available and which not. It makes hard for fitness enthusiast to decide between the real gym and just another piece of marketing gimmick. Our offerings for weight loss program and fitness first initiative are mentioned below.

Workouts To Get Back Into Your Best Shape

With us while sweating in Diyu’s Fitness Point you will never regret a workout. Programmed and custom designed exercise is absolutely mandatory for getting into right shape faster and more effectively. Also with our custom programs you will feel more youthful, healthy and mentally active. It is necessary that you choose a gym in Ahmedabad that offers custom programs for workout based on your boy needs and goal you have set for yourself. We offer you well rounded exercise plan with flexibility targeting these important aspects of fitness.

Cardio Based Body Exercise

Cardio based body exercise are one of the best way to maintain weight by developing caloric burning cycle and dropping off extra kgs. It makes heart more healthy, initiative proper blood circulation and develop lean body mass. It is best to have at least 30 minute of cardiovascular exercise for at least five days of the week in order to keep shade extra bodyweight. However if you are looking get lean and slim then you will be best resulted by making more time doing cardio workouts.

Strength Training

Strength training offered by Diyu’s Fitness Point is an aspect of weight lose and getting right shape that you cannot afford to neglect. No matter of your fitness goal, strength exercise will give you right stamina and system that you can use for longer workout. We design strength training programs that increase your metabolism, physical strength and bone density.


Flexibility workouts will allow you to stay active throughout your fitness run and help you maintain high quality of life. Our gym and fitness program will offer you stretching in terms of Yoga, Pilates and other instrumental training.

Diet Programs

No weight loss can ever possible without cutting extra calories. When it comes to getting back to shape, eating healthy is as important as sweating in gym. We offer you diet chart that is best for your body type and your goal that you can follow to lose extra kgs.

Our 12 week fat loss programs are specially design for the busy people. We combine fat burning exercises with cardio programs and diet charts to hit your metabolism and initiate fast fat burning. For more details contact us today.